How should I go about finding a rental in Canada? Which website should I use?

Looking for a home for a family of 3. 2 Adults and 1 Kid. I have looked at Zumper and found it to be geared more towards Condos. Any other recommendations?

always recommended to go via a realtor for this hot rental market. you could start your search on zolo, , etc. and then find a realtor

Hi @Jinks123 were you able to find a good apartment before moving to Canada? I am in the same situation moving to GTA on September and looking for good apartment recommendations

Here’s what worked for us:

Went or, found the listings based on our requirements (close to Go Station, decent neighbourhood etc).

And I’d just contact the listing agent, the realtor who works with the landlord of that listing.

That way the realtor has an incentive to work with you (and not split the commission with buyer’s agent).

Once everything is finalized, you’ll sign an agreement with realtor, then the lease.

Other websites that are helpful to find listings are:

probably Kijiji, which seems to be more direct listings and room shares.

We found our awesome place in Toronto on (It’s like craigslist).

I used Kijiji as well and the place turned out pretty good. Also there was no realtor in between, we dealt directly with the land lord.

We used zumper,, and facebook marketplace as well.