How to apply through PNP

Dear, Community.

Can you please help me understand on how to apply for a PNP.

I have applied for EE, and I have got 416 points. My IELTS scores are thus:

Listening - 9
Reading - 7.5
Writing - 7.5
Speaking - 8

Hence, from a EE point of view, I am well under 50 points. Hence, I suppose, I have the following options:

  • Getting a Master’s Degree - I am not sure, what would be the state of immigration in Canada after two years.

  • Securing a Job Offer - I suppose, the chances of securing a Job offer from India are really bleak, and I am not entirely sure if Employers would ever consider my application.

  • French Language - Even if I get the best marks, the maximum that I can secure is 20 points, I do not think, it is worth to invest in this.

Hence, the only option left, I suppose, is the PNP.

Even here, I am getting confused; for example, I thought of applying to Ontario’s Human Capital program. This specific program clearly states that one should be invited by the immigration of Ontario to apply for the Human Capital Program. It is like a cycle of inter dependencies.

Can someone please let me know on how to apply for a PNP?

Thanks a Lot.

go through @acheema old posts, I think he got ITA through PNP.

You can get some idea from those

I have gone through most of the PNPs of relevant provinces. Most of them either require you to have a job offer / have sime kind of connection with the province(manitoba) / your NOC should be in their most demanding job list / or they will pick you up from the EE pool.
The only province I could find open was PEI