How to apply to PNP and whats the process

Hello everyone, can anyone guide me on the PNP? Do I need to apply to PNP first and then for EE? What is the time duration for both and which province should I use to get more chances for nomination.
I am a dentist and my husband is a Marketing manager basically dealing with automobile industry from past 6 years. He is the main applicant.
Thanks in advance

Hi, You should apply for PNP only if your CRS is not enough to get through the cutoff score of EE. PNP takes around 3-6 months to get the Nomination certificate from the province you apply in and an additional 600 points. You can use those to apply for EE and you are sure to get your ITA after that.
You can apply in any province, however, your chances of getting selected for the PNP is high if you already have a job in that province, else it might take sometime to get selected for the PNP nomination. I’ve observed that Saskatchewan invited candidates for PNP even without a job. “Busy” Province like Ontario may have a higher cutoff to invite candidates without a job.
Not sure if that helps. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

Suppose we are not getting selected in the pool and then apy for PNP, whats the whole process? How do we do it in the EE profile itself?
Also if we get 600 points does that mean we can enter the express entry pool again because this time we have additional 600!
Please clarify