How to calculate CRS for 3 years BA & 2 years MA

My Wife has Bachelor of Arts (BA) English - 3 years

Master of Arts (MA) 2 years

When calculating CRS, do I need to choose “Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees, one must be for a program of 3 years or more”

I understand MA is not considered as a Masters with WES.

Kindly advise on the best way for ECA with WES when we have the above education degrees.

While registering with WES, you can enter and check whether the degree and the university is recognized by WES or not. If it is not recognized they say that clearly. Sometimes a college may not the listed and you can choose ‘others’ category and enter college name. MA might be considered as bachelor+diploma but you never know. Best way is to ask the college/ university, they will know. And since the cost for doing both evaluations together is the same for WES, why not get both done. Finally the overall equivalency will be given by WES and that is exactly what you need to enter while applying for EE or PNP or CEC. You may try other designated organizations as well who provide credential evaluation.

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