How to get a PR from Work Permit

Dear, Community.

I have got a job offer, and I moved to Canada now; Can you please let me know the best way to get a PR. I have got a Closed Work Permit, and I started working in Ontario for the past one month.

IELTS - Completed.
ECA - Completed.
Job - Completed. ( One Month ).
Age - 35 Years.
Married - Wife( Open Work Permit ) and Kid.

What is the best and right way to apply a PR in this Status?

Thanks in advance.

If with the lmia approved job offer 50 points , you beat the cutoff then apply now .
If not wait till 1 year for getting CEC job points and then apply . Process isn’t any different from how you do while you were out of Canada . You might need pcc from canada in 6 months . Look for posts from @canadainland

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Dear, Sir/Madam.

I have tried that approach to get the 50 points; when I updated my application, it finalized that I am ineligible for the application.

Please read instruction carefully when submitting the LMIA in your express entry profile. Then you should get 50 points.

If you are an Intra company transfer employee and in your work permit if it says LMIA Exempt then you are not eligible for 50 points. If you think you are LMIA exempt, then you have to wait until 1 year and then apply for express entry under CEC (Canadian Experience Class) to get 100 points.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am not a intra company transfer, I am a direct hire from India. My LMIA Is approved for 2 years.

Dear Sir/ Madam

I shall do that.

Dear, Sir/Madam.

Thank You, I have created everything anew and the system put me in pool now. However, I have the following question: I have a collective points of 437 now, and I suppose they are not sufficient for Ontario now; would it help me if I submit my EE application only first as my wife already has an Open Work Permit? Does this way help at all? Or, me moving onto a PR annuls my Wife’s Open WP?

Thanks a Lot in advance.

At this time, all you need is 470+ points. You can use the CRS calculator online to see how many points your wife is getting. I would say waiting for a year and then applying will be the best bet but I could be wrong.