How to improve the CRS score other than IELTS

Hi All, I am a software engineer. Currently, I took the IELTS exam along with my wife. After that my score is coming as 422.
As per the recent trends, it looks like we need to get at least 445+ to get picked up in the EE.
How we can increase the score? Even if I consider IELTS again and get band 9 for all skills I could reach till 428.
Both of us are having a Bachelor’s degree. Is there any certification that could boost our profile or the CRS score. Please suggest.

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You need to score at least 8 in Listening and 7 each in other sections to get an additional 50 points for skills transferibility . What is your IELTS score?

I have already specified that I need the suggestion on other grounds than the IELTS score ,I have got 8 in Listening, 9 in Reading, 7.5 in Speaking and 7 in writing. And I have also verified through the CRS tool that getting 9 in all skills giving me CRS score of 428 at max. So I need the suggestion on what else I can look at other than the IELTS score. Is there any professional certification or anything else that could help me achieving a score of 145+.

Is there any professional certification or anything

Here are some of the options:

  1. Learn French
  2. Try for Provincial Nomination Program
  3. Seek job offer from a Canadian employer