I am on L1 visa.Can I appy for Canadian PR?

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I am in US on L1 visa.Am I eligible to apply for Candian PR?

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You sure can . Applying to PR has no relationship with your status in United States

Thank you Prashant for the answer.

Is your visa an L1A or L1B I know one of those is a quicker path to GC. Can you give us more information about you like area and years of work experience, education level, etc that way I could recommend some options.

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My visa is L1B.I have 11 years and 2 months of expereince.I am a Technical Lead and for automotive embedded systems.I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering and about to complete my Executive PGDM in Project Management.Please recommend options.

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I guess only L1A has a faster path to GC unfortunately also L1 unlike H1B cannot be transferred to another company so its smart to have a Canadian PR application filed.

You will maximum point for work experience but loose some in education and maybe age, just aim to get all 7’s in the IELTS and you should be good. I’m not sure if you will get any points for the Executive PGDM, you can confirm that using the below link.


The short answer is you have to determine your eligibility and it is not affected by what kind of visa you have in USA (Canada does not care about your immigration status in other countries).