I am planning to move from USA to Canada to continue my masters or start a new masters program


I am planning to move from us to Canada as I have to complete my masters degree and due to visa issues I am unable to continue my study in the USA. If I complete my study in Canada and or start with a new masters degree, what is the scope for mechanical engineers in MEP Planning (MECH, ELEC, AND PLUMBING) for building engineers? I worked at AECOM-MINNEAPOLIS, MN as a Mechanical engineering Co-Op, by design and development of commercial and hospital facilities and as an Intern in India. Hope you will get back to me.




I suspect if you finished your degree in Canada it might be easier to get a job than if you were searching from another country, just like it is the US. As to what options you have you will have to slog it out on LinkedIn, and other job sites, the same way you would do in US.