I got a CLB 9 in IELTS so double points for work experience and education

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Does CLB 10 increase one’s work experience points? Please explain. My husband scored L8 R8.5 W8 S8.5 , OVERALL 8.5. Will this make a difference to CRS score?


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Scoring CLB 9 and above will double the points for work experience and education.

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Congratulations you made CLB 9 and as @cmanoj84 said it gives you double the points for your foreign work experience and double the points for your education. What is your CRS score coming to? Use the CIC CRS calculator to check if you haven’t already.

thanks for the info:)

Thanks for the info,!

@eap thank you for sharing your experience. Did you get any specific book/material for vocabulary? I heard its very important for speaking and writing. Please advise.

I didn’t do much for vocabulary, because mine was pretty diverse and I had to put some extra effort to use simpler words.

Unless your vocabulary is really bad, I wouldn’t put too much effort on vocabulary. A great word is the wrong context is much worse than an ok word used in the right context. Instead, focus on speed, flow and accuracy based on whatever you already know.

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@Arash: Check the following thread for others’ experiences and some have even mentioned the material which they referred to for studying.


If a candidate has L:8 R:6 W:6 and S:6 then does it double the points for work experience and education?

Unfortunately No. The minimum requirement for that is L:8 R:7 W:7 S:7