I live in the U.S currently. Could I use my car to move to Canada or should it strictly be through a flight?


Would the border POE guys allow passage into Canada through my car? Or should I book a flight?


It’s your choice, you can fly in or drive in. To fly in you need either a Visa or a PR card while you drive in anytime with just your COE paperwork.

Now it this is your own car and you are planning to keep it in Canada then you will need to export your car and then import it into Canada. This will take a little more work there are agents that can help with the paperwork and you just have to tell them that you’ll drive it over yourself.

If it’s just temporary and plan to drive back to the US within a short period of time as far I understand nothing is needed.

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What If I am on a closed work permit visa? Do I have to pay customs tax on my car then?

No if your moving to Canada all your goods are exempt custom’s duty. There is a document called “Goods to Follow” that you create and hand over to customs.