I need help to understand details on my GCMS note

Hi everyone,

I received my GCMS note a couple of days ago and it says:
Criminality : passed
Eligibility: Passed
Medicals: Passed
Info Sharing: Complete
Final: (blank- no entry was made here)

There is also a comment from officer saying I may need to repeat medical, my meducal expired 3 days ago.

I am confused as to what these mean as regards the current status of my PR application.

Can anyone in this good community help clarify what the above status means and also help advice if I should go for a new medical upfront before I receive an official request from IRCC?

Thank you all in advance for your help


The GCMS notes have a summary at the end.Does any of th sections have “Review Required or RR”?

Hello Spai,

None of the notes has “Review Required” or “RR”.

The last officer’s review notes says: “Background check and Travel History reviewed, no concerns identified. Meds above soon to expire - may need to be reissued”.

I have already gone ahead to schedule for another medical because the last one is already expired.

Looking forward to further clarifications from you.

Thank you.

then sounds like you passed everything. In our case , the notes specifically mentioned "Review Required’ .We then sent updated documents and soon we got the “golden email”.May be wait for a few days or raise a webform? apologies I couldn’t be of much help

Its good that you passed Criminality & Eligibility.That usually takes a lot of time.

Thanks a lot Spai,

Just to learn from your case, did you have to request GCMS notes before you realized you needed to update your documents? Also, I presume the last officer’s review on the GCMS notes is what should be considered. Reason why I ask is that looking at the GCMS notes again, there had been a comment by some other officer a while ago about updating my Personal History details due to gaps in the information provided. I have carefully reviewed the documents submitted and I see no gaps at all and the officer didn’t specify where or what these gaps are. I also noticed that same officer transferred the file to another officer (the last reviewer) who made no further comments about the Personal History details. So based on this, I am presuming the last officer who reviewed overruled the comment on Personal History. I am not sure if this is the case. Wondering if anyone ha experienced same.

Thanks for the help.


Yea we requested GCMS notes as our application was stuck under ‘Eligibility Review’.The file does get passed from one officer to another.If one officer observed gaps and the second officer did not have any comments, then I would look at the comments of the latest reviewer. Usually if they need to review or analyze something, they write that clearly in the summary that is provided on the last page. If they need any documents from you, they usually email you via you CIC account.

In our case, it was clearly written that they need to review our ‘POF’.They did not need more documents from us, but they had to review all the additional documents that we sent.Although we were meeting the requirements for ‘POF’, we realized that we had sent too many documents and they needed time to review those.

Did anybody request gcms directly on the governmental website?