IELTS Expiring after ITA

Hello Experts,

Today I got the ITA (PNP) and hope to submit the application by tonight as I have all documents ready. I have 2 quick question:

  1. My IELTS is expiring in September - do I need to retake the exam if I don’t get the decision by September?

  2. How much is processing time after I submit the application ?

Thanks & Regards!!!

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Anyone ??

I don’t have a definitive answer about the IETLS, but I can say that I also have an ITA with PNP and my immigration consultant told me to expect over a year (maybe a year and a half) for processing time due to the delays from the pandemic. Hope that helps.

I did some research - IELTS is locked after ITA so does not matter even if its expired. I checked on the official site for the processing time - its 6 month. Many people whom I know got between one month 10 days to 7 months. Never heard its taking a year. Thanks