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That’s an excellent score. Congrats!

When you fill out your EE profile, you will be asked to post your score for each section. You will also need to provide additional details from your scorecard, like your identification number, center number, date on which you took the test and the date on which you received your scores. All the information is in your scorecard that the IELTS center mails to you.



Ah I see. So nothing needs to be ‘sent’. Thanks a lot for the information !



Do we get all that info in online result or some pdf or we need to wait for physical copy…



For IDP administered tests, your score when it’s posted online will include a test report form number. That’s enough to submit your profile.



Hi… I have a quick question wrt the true, false and not given category in reading. The passage says A teaches B whereas the question says B teaches A. So is the answer here false or not given? Please clarify anybody!




where is TRF number online?
are you talking about people giving test in US or India?



The answer would be false as he passage says the opposite. If the question was A teaches B math then it could be not given.



Ohhh ya got it… Thnx a lot for the clarification. This has been confusing in a few practice tests… understood tht we should go by the meaning.



Sorry, I think I might have got it wrong. It’s hard to answer that without the full context of the entire text. With just the one line you provided me it could be false or not given. false has they mentioned somewhere else that it’s a student teacher relationship and not given if it’s just two equal people (ie. both are students) since they could have taught each other.

Can you post the entire question on another thread might be helpful to others to see and understand.



Sure … sorry for the delay in posting the examples…

The passage says - If you (parent) know or think that your child is having difficulties attending school you should contact the school.
Question - Staff who think a child is having difficulties at school will contact the parents.
Ans - not given

A similar example was…
Passage - Perkin’s scientific gifts soon caught Hoffman’s attention and within 2 years, he became Hoffman’s youngest assistant.
Question - Perkin employed Hoffman as his assistant.
Ans - false

What I understood here is we should go by the meaning. In the first example, reverse is possible but is not given. In the second example, reverse is not possible as Perkin is already Hoffman’s assistant and hence is false.

This was a good learning for me.



Anybody know if result for 21 April test is out for USA or not…

Usually in past it was declared in evening of thursday…
Isn’t it



it is not released yet. I’ve have checking it since few hours now. I hope it gets released soon.



Has anyone faced problem in latest results of 21-apr exam or in the past…
what can be the reason for delayed results?

we have received email from center that results may be out next week instead of today for some candidates…



Finally we got the results today after a delay of about 5 days…
Fortunately, i got the required score…

Now my question time:

  1. I had booked another exam on 2-JUN… now i read i could cancel and had got refund of 75% amount if i would have cancelled before 5 weeks of test…
    is it true even for exam in USA? Anybody knows?

  2. If they don’t refund anything when cancelling, then should i give the exam or not?
    i mean will it affect current declared result?
    i guess any ielts TRF valid in 2 years should be possible to use for express entry…
    or by any chance it is the latest one?
    just asking in case i goto 2-jun exam casually and gets low score than existing one then it should not be a problem



Btw. I got 8,9, 7.5, 6.5 in first attempt… (just missed by 0.5 and did not apply for EOR because they were charging $240)

today’s results were for 2nd attempt and i got 8.5,9,7,8…

and 2-Jun booking is for 3rd attempt :slight_smile:



That’s quite some improvement! Congratulations. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the refund policy for exam cancelation but if you are not getting any refund, there’s no harm in attending the exam again. Your TRF number should ideally be different every time you take the test so one report will not replace the other by default. Based on what TRF number you put in your EE profile, your scores will get reported.

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Is there a difference between British Council IELTS and IDP IELTS ? Which one of them should be taken for EE ?



I don’t think they are different. I think both offer training for the same. For immigration, the only thing it mentions in General Training IELTS.



No difference as far as I know, just make sure it is General Training module



I took my IELTS score couple weeks ago and got CLB-10 level scores…

My Score:
Listening 8.5

This score has fetched me the maximum possible points(128) towards my total CRS score of 453. So although I would have liked to have done a better job in writing test, but I really can’t complain.

Here are my preparation tips and hope this helps any future test takers:

  1. First set a target score as your goal. Principal applicants who wish to get maximum CRS points related to English language proficiency, here is what they must score in IELTS at the very least:

    Minimum score for CLB10:
    - Listening:8.5 (37 - 38 out of 40)
    - Reading(GT):8 _(37 - 38 out of 40-
    - Writing(GT):7.5
    - Speaking:7.5

  2. Before you start your preparations, take one practice test to understand the format and realize your weaknesses.

  3. Spend a few days to read from source materials and note down tips and pointers to tackle each skill test.

  4. Take as many practice tests as possible in the time you have for preparation. The Official Cambridge guide has 7 full tests for academic and 2 tests for general training. Since listening and speaking are common for both academic and general training tests, you get 7 listening tests, 7 speaking tests, 2 GT reading, 2 GT writing tests. I suggest you also take the 7 academic reading tests as well because they are harder compared to the general training ones and they will prepare you well.
    More practice test can be found here:

  5. Using official answer sheets for the practice tests is very helpful in order to getting thorough with all aspects of the test. These can be found here:

Practice tests will reveal your weaknesses. You can then develop techniques of your own to overcome these weaknesses and achieve your target scores. I think I took at least 7 reading and writing tests, at least 10 listening tests, and around four speaking tests in which I either recorded myself or I had my wife conduct the speaking test in all seriousness. She would then critique on my speaking skills or I would playback the recordings and critique myself.

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