IELTS Preparation


good… thats great score…congrats… I assume you already got required score and either received ITA already or soon will get it…


I don’t know the statistics so I cannot say for sure. But in my circle, the Nov 2016 election and subsequent visa scares were a big factor.


Hi All,

I have a few doubts about IELTS. Please share your thoughts…

For Canada, how long, the IELTS score deem valid? Is it 2 or 3 years?

Is there any problem if husband and wife attend the exam from two different countries(one in US other in India)?


  1. 2 years

  2. That should be fine.


Thanks Anshul for the quick reply


Any pointers for Phoenix,Arizona IELTS exam centers?
Please share specific experience in Phoenix…


I don’t know about Phoenix, and here’s why: I live in Salt Lake City and had applied for the Phoenix center (or Tuscon I don’t remember :thinking:) because that was the closest one to me (SLC was never ever listed). The day before I was gonna schedule my flight and Airbnb I got an email saying they were gonna hold the test in SLC. I don’t know if they do it often but call them and confirm where the test is gonna be before u book flights.


I cannot use academic IELTS score for Immigration. Everyone has to take General training test.


Thnx a lot Vignesh… :slightly_smiling_face:


Does it make any difference in scoring in IELTS if we are taking test in USA or Canada or India… I mean will it depend on examiner.
what do you think?


I think the only section in which it might make a difference is the Speaking part since it is one on one, but I guess they will give you topics relevant to your location.


I also came across this page while registering for ielts . Did you fill anything under “Add recognising Organisation details”?


that field is not required. CIC does not want the IELTS scores to be sent directly to them. Here is the link:

So you may either select “none” or leave it to “select”, which ever option is available.


Guys…A simple and silly question…

Do we fill all information in Ielts answer sheets with Pencil ?
What about personal information like name and candidate ID etc… Can we write those with Pen or only Pencil?




I have taken the test at AUSTIN eurocenter. For me they have provided the Mechanical Pencil and Eraser. You have option only to use pencil - Try practicing with one such mechanical pencil


Hi all. I got a nice score : 8.5 / 9 / 9 / 9
I couldn’t have dreamed of a 9 in speaking, but practice is all you need. I think most people here already took IELTS, but I have some tips I pasted here if they will help someone :

I have a question. How would I submit IELTS score ? (since you’re not supposed to directly from IELTS) Thanks.


thats a great score… which test you missed by 0.5


Thanks. Listening was the one. I think it was one of the things a woman said in a British accent that i took to be something else.


congratulations ! thanks for sharing notes.


Everything needs to be filled in with pencil, including personal identification.