ILETS exam (paper vs computer) - CALIFORNIA

I am located in Bay Area. I want to start working on my work permit and PR process. I will have to take ILETS (General Training) and include the test results as part of the profile. Most of the exams in California are paper based. Do you know of any test centers in California that are computer based?

No all iELTS test centers in USA are paper-based. Only computer based test in CELPIP which is available in New York only

Computer based IELTS is not available in USA.

As @rjtbansal mentioned, all tests in the USA are paper-based. Having said that its always good to book for more than 1 test in advance so that in case if you do not do good in the first attempt, you have additional chances to appear for IELTS. There is no limit to how many times one can appear for the IELTS test. It’s better to pre-book additional test since test gets full really quickly these days in the Bay Area as more and more people are planning to try their luck in PR for Canada / Australia.


Computer Oriented test is CELPIP not IELTS, all information for CELPIP can be gained by including CELPIP Test Format, Understanding CELPIP Scores and CELPIP Test Timing.


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They don’t have i guess.
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