Immediately after submitting EE application

I submitted my EE application and when signed in to my account it shows status as “ineligible” and the date submitted shows wrong, I submitted on 1/18/2019 and it shows 1/19/2019
I do not see CRS score or anything else to justify ineligibility.
I have masters from USA and work experience of more than 3 years.
Did anyone else come across same issue? Any insight will be helpful.

It might be an error! Or a spam mail… Contact IRCC asking for clarification… Nothing to worry at all

Thank you for your reply, I have another question…
What happens if I submit another application?
I realized the funds I put were the exact minimum that cic mentioned.
So can I submit another application with higher funds?
Please reply.

The funds required has changed recently , so please check if you meet the current minimum …

usa2can brings up a very good point-- make sure your funds are above the new requirements and give yourself a buffer in case of currency fluctuation.

The date discrepancy is normal-- I submitted mine on June 12 but it said June 13 in my profile because the profile seems to use UTC while everything else used Eastern time.

You can make a new profile easily.

I would reach out to them first before submitting a new application. If there is something wrong they would highlight that for you.

Hey @Neha I experienced something similar. You should be able to reapply with funds more than the minimum required.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I updated the funds and submitted the new profile and it got in.
Thank you again