Impact of spouse's IELTS score on overall CRS points


I notice that my spouse’s (secondary applicant) IELTS score has little weight age on the overall CRS score. I have arrived at this conclusion by playing around with the CRS calculator on the CIC page (

Having read the blogs here I know that 7.0 is the minimum score the primary applicant needs to have in each of the segments. Is there a minimum score requirement for the secondary applicant as well?


There is no minimum score for your spouse in your application, but you can get additional points if they have stronger language scores.

My husband is applying as the principal applicant. He has completed his MS in Computer Engg from the US and a BE from Mumbai University. This should be considered as “Masters degree” for CRS calculator, right?

Also, I have a B COMM from Mumbai University and MA (English) part 1 from MU as well. Can I enter "Bachelors degree (3 yrs or more)? or should I enter “2 certificates or more”?

We are seriously contemplating whether we should get my ECA and spend $200, especially if my educational qualification is not going to make much of a difference in the score.

Use the free WES assesment on the WES portal. If your degree is treated as masters and age gap b/w you and your husband is 4 years or more making you as primary applicant will make some significant difference to the over all score.

Ps: I have made some assumptions about NOC and Work experience here.