Importing car (driving not shipping) permanently from US as a new PR

Hi Everyone,

I’m a new PR planning to drive my car from Seattle to Vancouver with all of my personal stuff in it.
Will I have to pay any tax on the car? Based on my research, I can declare it as a part of my property (or something like that) so that I won’t have to pay any taxes on it. Please let me know if I’m missing something or misunderstood anything.

I have a 2018 Accord fully paid off and no recalls. It has Daylight Running Lights. Do I need anything else?


I just imported my car from the US when I moved to Toronto.
Yes, you need to declare you vehicle and you will not pay import taxes. There are fees along the way though.
The paperwork involved is a very long, complicated process, but if you get all paperwork done prior to arriving at the border, you will get through very quickly. print out everything! Don’t be afraid to call the different offices to ask questions.

Pay close attention to each step and all info on this webpage:

At the border, you will first stop on the US side to export the vehicle, then on the Canadian side, you import the vehicle.

Once it is imported, then you have to get it inspected at Canadian Tire, then you have to get your Canadain drivers license, then you get your insurance, then you can register the car. It’s a process - be ready for many hours in many different offices (and fees along the way) to get this done. It took me about a month to get everything done once in Toronto.

Pay close attention to details.

Good luck!

Thank you Kim!

This was very helpful.

I have researched in detail and gathered all the necessary paperwork that I’ll need, do you mind if I dm you? Just confirm I’m not missing anything.

Sure - don’t mind if you have questions. I’ll try to answer you…

If anyone is looking for assistance with importing their car into Canada, I will be happy to assist you. I am a customs broker who imports cars on a daily basis. You can contact me at or 604 330 6760.