Include Bachelors along with Masters?


I am in the middle of filling the express entry profile. In the education section, since we have to do ECA only for the highest degree which is Masters(USA) in my case, should I enter only the Masters details or add my Bachelors(India) also with out ECA?


You may add only masters in education section for which you have ECA…
But add your bachelors in personal history section…

same is with any work experience… if not claiming points for any thing, add those things to personal history…

Thank you for the information!

I dont see a section that says personal history. There is a section called Personal details but it does not have a column where I can enter the education information.

Personal history section you will get post - ITA

Thanks again for the info!

There’s another thread on this forum that covers this in detail Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) for all degrees?

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