India PCC Experience: Atlanta Consulate

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have experience with Atlanta consulate regarding PCC?
How much do they take? I read some posts saying that it might even take one month. Just a bit worried because we have only 55 days left to submit all the documents for PR.

My wife and my packet reached Atlanta Consulate on 07/24. They dispatched our PCC along with the passport in the return envelope we sent on Friday evening (07/27). We got the package back yesterday 07/30.

PS - My passport was Issued in India, My wife’s passport was issued at DC.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Arun! That’s a relief.
I understand that they will ask us to submit our original passports even if we go in person. Is that correct?
Do we have to carry a return envelope with us or would they provide it?

They said that they would keep the passports even if we go in person. we had mailed the return envelope with our package. So I guess if you are going in person, you should to carry the return envelope just to be safe.

I think it depends on each individual, my wife and I sent PCC application to Atlanta, my wife’s pcc process was completed and returned with in a week, but mine took more than a month. Both our passports were issued in Hyd, they say my wife PCC has clearance and they had issued PCC Certificate within a week, for my application they sent a Police verification request to Hyd Passport office.

This was the response from Atlanta Consulate when I asked them for a time frame,

“As i mentioned in my earlier email we check your police verification records in our system. If it shows clear, you will be issued a Police Clearance Certificate within a week. If we have to do a verification, it might take about 1 month or more. There is no time frame for that procedure”

In SF it just took a week

It took 4 days for me and wife at Atlanta Consulate. We had drop off out passports with them when we went in-person and got it stamped when we picked PCC and Passport back. The person at desk mentioned it might take a month to three months depending on the availability of data for verification. Fortunately we got it within a week.

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I see a lot of people are getting their Passports back after PCC within 1 week. I dropped off my and my wife’s passport yesterday with PCC application for FSWP Express entry ITA. My question is do they do an actual physical check at your Indian Address?

Thanks in advance to the forum members for answers

we went to Atlanta consulate in person last Tuesday, and we haven’t got anything back yet. we will update you as soon as we hear something. I am really not sure if it is possible for them to check everyone’s addrress physically in a week. May be they have some online records that they check, and verify further only if something doesn’t match up. But, this is my assumption.

I got my passport with PCC exactly after one week . But we are still waiting for my spouse’s passport. we had both submitted the application at the same time.

Important update : Yes , they do check the records for PCC. My spouse’s passport was issued by Mumbai’s regional passport office. Atlanta consulate sent the clearance request to Mumbai. Because my spouse’s current address is in Gujarat now, the Mumbai office forwarded the request to Gujarat’s regional passport office. We followed up with Mumbai’s passport office and police station over the phone and they gave us the detailed status of our case(it was quite amazing to get the response from them so fast). We are now waiting for verification to be done in Gujarat. It is expected that the whole process would take a month.

I applied for my PCC in Atlanta consulate. They told me that they will send clearance request to India. Do you know how do they send details? Through post or email? How is the communication between passport office and police station?

Hi Friends, Need help on process of getting PCC from atlanta. Have few questions.

  1. Is there any document which needs to be notarized, if we are sending documents via mail?
  2. Can I send my and my wife’s document in same envelope and one envelope for return?

Thanks in advance

My friend got her’s through Atlanta consulate, and she went in person. If I remember correctly they kept her passport but she got her PCC in two weeks.

Hello Can someone provide the mailing address for Atlanta Embassy to mail my passport. Want to confirm if this is the right address that I can send my passport to.

5549 Glenridge Dr, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

Arun do you know the mailing address where the passport can be sent to ?

We walkin in the Sandy Springs embassy office in mid of 2019. They took all our documents and told will inform us over call. We got call in 2 days for picking up the documents.