India PCC Experience: Houston Consulate

Hello Membes,

What is the processing time to get a pcc from Huston cgi. In person vs Mail.


From what I’ve read on google reviews of Indian consulate, you can get pcc the same day if you go in person, not sure about the mailing option.

Thanks for the reply.

Is this for an Indian consulate in general or specific to the consulate at Huston ?

This is for the Houston Branch

Awesome. Thanks for the info :grinning: appreciate it

Has anyone done their PCC from Indian consulate in Houston?
How much time it takes if we go there in person vs if we mail it to them?
Thank you

We did it last month and got it in 30 mins visiting them

Oh that’s great!
Also can I visit alone for both me and my husband?
Or do both of us need to visit?

We both visited , but I guess one person can go with a letter of authorization

Thank you

Does anyone here know what does a “receipt” of PCC mean ? I have applied for the PCC in the SF consulate by sending the miscellaneous form along with the other documents and my passport by mail.

Should I be receiving anything on my email or mail before the actual PCC ? It’s been a week and I only have the delivery confirmation of my packet and nothing else.