Indian PCC from Chicago

Hi guys, this is my first post here. I was wondering how I should request an Indian PCC while staying in the USA for less than 10 years. I live in Michigan (under Chicago consulate?) but the website does not mention any details about the application process through mail. Should I just drive to Chicago and apply in-person? Do I need to send my original passport for the PCC if through mail? If so, when would I receive my passport back?
Thank you

I would suggest apply for PCC in Chicago in person. You will need to submit your passport to the Consulate. If your passport verification was done in India and everything was ok, then you will get the PCC within a day. Otherwise it can take longer (sometimes months).

I travelled from Detroit to Chicago early in the morning in Feb 2019, reached the Consulate by 9AM, received PCC and passport by 4PM. My only reason to do it in person was that I was unwilling to part with my Passport for too long and did not completely trust FedEx/UPS with my precious passport.

If you are planning to do that now then you might want to take into account the impact of pandemic on processing times and plan accordingly. It might not be as easy it was for me.

Thanks for the reply. Apparently the consulate is closed for walk-ins as confirmed by the consulate personnel. I was wondering if its ok to send my original passport to the consulate given that people have been facing delays in receiving their PCC and documents they sent. Will me sending my passport impact any other step in the PR process? would I need my passport for anything else?

Seems like you have no other option but to send your passport in the mail.
You will be required to send your passport later on when the they are ready to send the CoPR. You will be asked to send in the passport along with 2 passport size photographs to Ottawa. They will stamp a one entry immigrant visa on the passport.
But this comes AFTER the PCC has been submitted. You will need it for providing biometrics as well. It works as identity proof and to associate their case to your requests.

Thanks. Could you kindly tell me how to get my documents notarized. Especially during the pandemic if you have any idea.

Some UPS/FedEx stores have employees who are authorized to notarize documents. Search online on their sites. It is usually around $10 per doc.