Initial application denied


I started applying for Canada PR on Mar 12 of this year for myself and my wife. While filling in the applications, I made sure to cross check each entry with known references. CRS score came out to 446. At that time the IRCC site reflected that we had been accepted into express entry pool.

Excerpt from the message that we got from IRCC.

Congratulations! You have been accepted in the Express Entry pool of candidates.

We have received a message from IRCC today ( Apr 4, 2020 ) stating we are no longer eligible for the express entry.

Excerpt from the message that we got from IRCC.

Your Express Entry profile has been reviewed and we have determined that you are not eligible for Express
Entry at this time.

I quite well remember, that we had filled out all information accurately with multiple cross checks.

Below are the generic reasons mentioned in the message that we received today as to why one might not be eligible for express entry.

Below are a few examples of why a candidate will be found ineligible:
• not having a valid language test, — appeared for IELTS
• language test results that are more than two years old, ---- Mar 24 2018 ( application submitted on Mar 12 2020 )
• a language test score that is too low, ---- aced all sections in IELTS
• not having enough relevant work experience, ---- 8+ YOE
• not having the required education level, ----- Masters
• not having enough funds. ------- provided more than adequate funds.

*****We did meet all the above mentioned bullet points.

Since the message does not mention any other information, we are not able to figure out how to proceed further.

If anyone has been in the same boat in the past or experienced similar issue, can you please help us figure out, what the issue could be.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Probably your language test results being the culprit.

"The Express Entry profile is valid for 12 months. Make sure that your language test results are valid for the same time period.

If your test results expire soon, you should re-take the test and update your Express Entry profile with your new test results."

So better give the test fresh and make a new EE profile.

Edit: My own profile IELTS validity includes validity all through my ITA and post ITA period. Validity has to be more than what you offered ( 2 days?). Also with 446, there is slim chance of getting ITAs these days (even nomination programs have upped the scores and if you are Software Engg, then maybe some chance this year). So I guess you have plenty of time to do your exams, the problem being…Covid :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response.

From your response, I understand that, EE profile is valid for 12 months from the date you put in the application. We started the EE application on March 12, 2020, so the EE profile will be valid till Mar 12 2021, so the language test results should also be valid during the entire profile timeline.

Went through the link provided in the response, it did clear the doubts.

Thanks a lot for your help on this issue.

Appreciate it.



Had a add-on question.

If the EE profile is only valid for 12 months and the obtained CRS score is below cut-off during the entire 12 month duration, do we need create a new profile again?


I would guess so, EE profiles expire and when you create a new one, it will ask you: “Have you applied for express entry before” and you put in the last known EE profile number. It takes the data from previous one and you can modify it.

Got it, thanks for all the help.