Instant Canada PR photo at

Have you used this service? How much does it cost can you post a brief review?

Yeah basically you take a photo with your smart phone against a light wall.

Then you upload the photo.

Cropping and adjusting the dimensions is automatically done.

7$ charge via PayPal.

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When your PR application has been approved and you are requested to submit your passport together with photos, which type of photo should you include: Canada visa 35X45 mm or Canada Permanent Resident Card 50X70 mm?

If I remember correctly I had submitted PR card photos because that’s the only specification I looked for and found on their website. I did not think about the visa photos (I didn’t even know they existed in 35x45). Nevertheless I got my PR visa and CoPR without issues. Although my photo was not present on the visa, I don’t think it matters that much. Even while getting the PR travel document I submitted 50x70 photos but my face wasnt printed on PR TD. I think it’s common for Canadian visas but if anyone has a different experience feel free to share.

But if you want to be safe you may send 2 copies of each format, it’s only going to cost you a few bucks, they’ll just discard it if they don’t need it.