Insurance for Medical Exam in USA


Hi.Could someone tell me if anyone has used FSA or HSA account for medical exam in USA.IS there any place close to bay area that does it cheaper.I have also read posts on people talking about the place in Berkeley .Has anyone been there?How is the experience.Is it recommended.


There are only 3 places in CA that can do this, Berkley,LA and San Diego. I just booked my apt in Berkley for Sept 4th. It costs 415$ per person.

I actually called LA and they had appointments next week if you want to try there.


If I’m correct FSA/HSA is a savings account that you can use for medical reasons. It’s just like your bank account. Just reimburse yourself whatever you pay at the clinic.


Berekeley people said its 465 per adult and 200 per child…did they say 415 …am confused.