Intra company transfer query

Hello all! I have completed my computer engineering (under grad) from USA in 2018 and am working under OTP since then. My EAD end date is fast approaching in summer and H1b visa is uncertain. The company I work for, has a small office in Canada, and I may be transferred to our office there under the ICT scheme for specialised knowledge workers. However, this is the first time our office is placing anyone in their Canada office under an intra-co-transfer. I have been advised I will be given a job offer in our Canada office and I will have to manage all work permits thereafter. Has anyone done this on their own and any advise on how to go about doing this. Would you recommend processing this through an agency, and if so any recommendations on the same. Thank you.

You should ask your manager to have the company do this for you. They should be able to hire a legal firm in Canada which specializes in Immigration to arrange for your work permit.

After moving to Canada, you can work towards your permanent residence yourself.

The transfer to Canada is being done at my request. The company is very clear on this. What you have suggested is of course ideal. But since that will not be happening - my query. Thank you .

I mean unless you want to use the offer letter to boost your Express Entry profile for permanent residence there’s precious little it means without a work permit.

Express entry used to take about 6 months, but I’m not sure what the processing times are these days. I suspect that this might not fit in with your compressed timeline.

Filing for a work permit is something that a company needs to do, it’s not something that you can do. It’s pretty much the same thing like an H1B application, you can’t file the application yourself, your employer needs to do that. If they want you to bear the costs of obtaining the work permits then that’s a discussion between them and you, though I must say that it’s highly unusual.

I’d recommend looking for alternate jobs with employers who may be more amenable towards sponsoring a work permit. Most good employers would rather their employees focus on their work than try to navigate visas and work permits just to continue employment.

Ah okay.