Introducing MOV Remote - Work Remotely for Silicon Valley companies

We are excited to introduce MOV Remote - a platform to connect software engineers with full time remote roles in Silicon Valley.

Currently only open to engineers who are authorized to work in Canada and US. For example if you are Canadian Permanent Resident you are authorized to work in Canada and free to work for anyone.

If you’re already signed up on MOV North then just check the “I’m open to remote” checkbox on your profile. If you are only looking for remote opportunities than sign-up at our new MOV Remote site

We have always been driven by the needs of our community - at first it was to know more about Canada, moving here and finding jobs. We started MOV North Hire to connect our members with top opportunities in Canada. We are fully committed to continue making those connections. Over the last year we started hearing from Canadian PR’s and their desire to work remotely with valley companies. This coupled with Silicon Valley opening up more to remote hiring inspired us to launch MOV Remote.

Feel free to share ahead, and happy to answer questions.


So someone with just a Canadian PR only is not eligible for this?
Unsure about the US criteria ? Are companies looking for someone with prior H1, or current H1, or is just an approved I140 is good enough?

MOV Remote is not a great fit for people on work visas it’s focused on citizens and permanent residents. As a Canadian PR you are free to work for almost anyone in the world.

Awesome, that’s a great thing if it helps folks around here.

I would love to help more here, in terms of connecting with HRs or hiring managers in my field of work. Worth a topic for chat on aug 10 meetup :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that it’s been fixed, do try again :slight_smile:

FYI This is super early and we would love your help in shaping this product. We are considering launching a Quora like feature focused on discussions around remote work and working closely with a few companies that are looking to hire remote. This is early beta so we want to focus and make sure the platform is useful to you all.

What do you think?

Thanks, the evolution of the MOV North platform and now MOV Remote has mostly been driven by the needs of this community. Silicon Valley is opening up to remote and connecting them with talent in Canada is a win for everyone. MOV Remote is also focused on US citizens and PR’s who want to make a change, reduce commutes or find a better work life balance while doing the best work oft heir life.

I suggest you add some freelance stuff to this. I love to be involved with startups in bay area if there is a freelance mode available. Something similar to turnkey solutions. Startups might not have full time budget but want some functionality done. They just define functionality and they pay only once completed. Requirement turnaround should be around 2-3 months with regular meetings. This would enable startups to try different talent also give freelancer opportunity to work with different startups. Its a win win for both

I just tried to register. I didn’t get any email. Its not even in spam

I’ll take a look sorry still working out some of the kinks. The reason we are not focused on freelance is cause there are many other platforms that help connect freelancers with projects. We are talking with well funded startups or growth stage companies that want full-time employees. Freelance or contract is advised against for most startups.

I checked since you already have a movnorth account it does not send you another mail. You can however just visit your movnorth profile and there is a checkbox on their to signal that you are open to remote. We need to make that UX better

This makes sense, there are plenty of online marketplaces to connect freelancers.
It makes sense to be laser focussed, this platforms looks promising to me and I’ll look forward to jobs starting to show up soon.

The first part of the sentence is slightly confusing. As engineers a lot of us will end up interpreting it as needing to be eligible in both the US and Canada whereas I think the second part says that you need to be authorized to work in either US or Canada.

For example, quite a few people here are (or are pursuing) Canadian PRs while currently working in the US on a visa. Those people should be eligible for this by virtue of just being Canadian PRs, having work authorization in the US isn’t particularly helpful for remote work and may employers wouldn’t necessarily want to deal with the hassle of relocation and visa for remote work.

That’s exactly what happened here

I totally agree here it should be || instead of && :slight_smile: also need to word this better given the fact the concept is also a little confusing. What I was trying to say was that the person needs to be authorized to work freely in the place they want to reside and work from.

On this forum you’re correct a lot of PR’s are still in the US and would possibly be open to relocating to Canada where they can work remotely from.

Yes in Canadian PRs residing in Canada are free to work for any company they want to no matter where the company is based. And yes they are eligible. It’s just hard to word it correctly for the small subset of PRs not residing in the place they are PRs of and the rest of everyone who are residing in a place where they have full freedom or work. Appreciate this feedback it’s got me thinking about how to fix this to make it more clear.

@vik When you say Canadian PRs residing in Canada are free to work for anyone, how does that work in terms of say payroll and taxation work, say you are living in Canada and want to work for a US employer (Employer has no presence in Canada)?

Can you pls explain what should be the setup?