IQAS Reference number

Hi Everone

I need your assistance.
I by mistake delete the email from iqas containing my refernce number and cleared the trash permanently aswell. My university has attested my markheets and handed it to me in a sealed envelope. I cant send it without the refernce number and I am stuck now.

Can anyone help me by guiding how to get the refernce number. I emailed IQAS a couple of weeks back but haven’t heard from them.

I have a transaction ID Number that they had provided. Would this be suffienecnt for them to accept and process my doc…

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards

There is a reference number on the forms that you send to Iqas. It’s on the left hand side of forms and this is your Request ID on all forms printed and signed by you.Try using that one.