Is ECA required for 2 Masters: one from US, one from India


I have a Masters degree from US (most recent) and I have a Masters from India. Will I get additional points for evaluating my Masters degree from India?

Nope… Just get the evaluation done for the MS from US.

Procedurally (ease of getting transcript from school sent to WES Canada) is much simpler to do from US as well.

Thank you for clarifying. Do you know of anyone who got both done and did not receive extra points? May I know your source? I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.



I have two Masters.
Myw wife has two Masters (one India, one US) and a PhD (US).

We only got points for PhD for her, and one Masters for me via WES Canada evaluation.

Hope this helps.

Ahh alright. Thanks its of great help!

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Could you confirm even though if we have double masters degrees (1 from US 1 from India) only 1 would be counted towards our points?

Only one will. Two Masters does not give you additional points or any other benefit as far as Express Entry points are concerned.