Is it possible to extend deadline for Biometrics? Did any one succeed?

Dear community,

Is it possible to extend biometrics deadline?

I scheduled biometrics appointment at an USCIS Application Support Center (USA) but had to reschedule it twice for various reasons. Currently it is scheduled for June 28. Since I already rescheduled twice, it is not allowing me to change my appointment date any more.

Reason: my passport is currently stuck in UK visitor visa application process at UK visa office. I requested UK visa office to withdraw my application & return back my passport but I don’t think it will arrive before June 28.

What is the best course of action from here? I cannot reschedule my appointment, even if I can - I don’t think there will be any appointment available until 2 more weeks.

Biometrics deadline: July 12

Please help. Looking forward to hear your suggestions.


You dont need appointment for biometrics, it is walk in. Go early to the ASC and get them done.

They no longer accept walk-ins without appointment. It is a prerequisite now. So that out of the equation, trying to see what other options I have (or) trying to see if any body ever succeeded in extending the deadline to give biometrics. I had sent a webform explaining my situation and requesting to extend. Not sure if i’ll get a positive response back.

Yeah, they are not accepting walk-ins anymore…Its typically 2 week wait time