Is LMIA required for software engineer job offer in Express Entry application?

I work in a MNC as a senior software engineer. My company has agreed to support my move to their Toronto branch using Express Entry by giving me a job offer since that adds more CRS points. However, the HR in US is confused – is a job offer on paper enough or do they need to do a LMIA in Canada?

That is, does a senior software engineer position qualify for the LMIA exemption described in ?

If your company has a branch in Canada. They can do the intracompany transfer which doesn’t need an LMIA. Meaning your job is consider as LMIA exempt. For LMIA exempt, you cannot get 50CRS points.

Thanks for that information. Since I need the 50 CRS points, I cannot do the intra company transfer then. I will request them to do LMIA for me.

Yes. LMIA is required and ensure you see LMIA number on your work permit. That number will be used for your express entry application.

Hi santaclara2can, were you able to get LMIA certification through your company? am also work for a big company in the US and planning to shift to canada but dont want to do it without the LMIA process…if you did get it , can you let me know how long it took for it to get approved?

Sadly, no. They told me they can only do a ICT (Inter Company Transfer). They will not do a LMIA, because that puts the company under audit in Canada and they and their immigration folks have decided against it.

Hope you have better luck at your company.

LMIA typically takes 2 weeks and the overall process of LMIA + Work permit takes 10 weeks max with all the preparation of documents. However, these days, LMIA itself is taking 2 months average, and work permits are not getting processed due to biometric collection centers closed in most countries. Hope this helps.