Is Montreal an option?

Hi all. I’ve been surveying jobs and found a couple of startups in Montreal that looked interesting. While I feel my own chances should depend more on progming language than spoken(French), my wife works in marketing and interacting with businesses on the phone etc. Given we don’t know a word of French(yet), should we consider that a dead end and stay away from Montreal ? (For the record I’m almost at the point of applying for PR, but want to make sure both of us can have careers first). Thanks.

I think at this point the focus should be on getting the PR and interview calls from Canadian companies, irrespective of whether they’re in Quebec or any other part of Canada. Usually companies in Quebec that need French skills won’t even consider non-French speakers; no so need to worry about that. I’ve heard that once/if you move there you will catch up on French quickly.

I’ve spoken with tech startups in Montreal they are completely fine with hiring people who don’t know French. But on the whole Anshul is right other companies will require french and outside of the city people can be a little anti-english.

Thank you. Appreciate the inputs.

Basically, my wife recently got masters (non-CS) and landed a nice starting job just a couple months ago and I’m just wary of the situation where she doesn’t find a job in Canada (assuming I do) given lack of solid experience which could end up being same if stay in the US (due to H4 EAD)

But 100% agree with Anshul that there’s a ton of if-s and but-s in there and it’s way better to focus on the PR process right now !

BTW thanks for starting this website and forum. Super helpful.

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Considering the latest news around the rollback of H4 EAD many spouses and families will find themselves in a very strange situation. I am seeing this in terms of the emails I receive a lot of US based Indians are looking at a Canadian PR more seriously than ever before.

I would say a PR will give you wife all kinds of freedoms that including starting her own business or taking her time to look for the right job. If she has a MS I’m certain she would find a good job. People are really surprised when I tell them that childcare is only $6 a day in Qubec and pretty afordable in Toronto which free’s people with kids up to more opportunities.