Is WES evaluation and IELTS scores for dependents needed at the time of entering pool


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Coming to my questions:

  1. My wife is having a Master’s degree from US University and She has not given IELTS exam yet and No WES evaluation done. To Start with my application for PR can I initiate it with my WES evaluation and IELTS scores, add my wife as dependent and enter the pool. Later once she is ready with her WES evaluation and IELTS scores can I change my application to get more points?
  2. Is it possible to update the application in above scenario?
  3. Could you please give me more information on when a person can make changes to his/her application and at what time of processing he/she can’t update it?
  4. Will the updating of application at any point of time cause a delay in processing time?
  5. After the PR is approved, Is it required that all the applicants to move to Canada to claim PR cards? (or Just the primary applicant is enough) for example if my wife decides to come a month later after I move in to Canada.Is it acceptable?
  6. The 2 year time fe out of 5 years for the citizenship,Is it counted only for the primary applicant or all of the dependents?

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Answer to 1, 2 and 3:
Yes you can modify your application at anytime provided your eligible for the pool. If you’re not then you have to reapply.
Candidates are picked from the pool every time they do a draw (the time schedule is up to them). Your application can stay in the pool for up to a year.

Keep in mind if you’re wife has a higher degree and more work experience it might be beneficial to make her the principal applicant.

Answer to 4:
Not really if your score is above the cut off during the draw you’re invited. So if you potentially miss the cut off for the first draw then add your wife’s details and make the cut off on the next draw you are not really delayed.

Answer to 5:
Primary is enough. Depends can come with the primary o after but not before.

Answer to 6:
Each of your family members on the application get their own PR card if they cannot live in Canada for at least 2 out of 5 year they will loose their PR. For citizenship you have to live 3 out of 5 in Canada.