ITA question about kids

Hi folks,

I received my ITA today. While filling in the application there was a question about kids. “Is this kid listed in the application”. I answered no coz I have not added my kids details during EE application.

But once I moved ahead in the application, it said - “Unaccompanying Child” besides both my kids names.

What is the right process to include kids in the application? There should have been a question like “Do you want to include this child in your application”, which was not there.

I don’t have access to the e-APR system to guide you though it. I wonder if someone else on the forum is currently doing this and could share some screenshots. Kids are only added during the e-APR process.

Thanks . What is e-apr? I got ITA, and this is the next step that I am trying to do. I imagine that is e-apr?

e-APR is the electronic application for PR. This is the process you enter after you accept the ITA. Yes I think thats the process your currently in.

@anon25417004 This is the question I am talking about. I am not clear what is the answer supposed to be for this

And if I select Yes to the question above, the application shows my kids as Accompanying in the PR Application

Thanks for clearing this up somehow I didn’t follow the question the first time. Since you already mentioned your family size, dependants, etc the system knows you have two children and is asking you if each child is on this application. By which they mean is also applying for PR (I know they could have worded it better and put tons of help next around each question)

You should pick “Yes” which means I will be updating the child’s information on the application. Since you did pick yes for both kids it added sections for their profiles to the application and marked them as accompanying.

If you had said no then the system would assume that since you have two children but not adding them to the application they are unaccompanying.

CIC rules state that every family member should be on the application even those who are unaccompanying not doing this is a major violation.

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