ITA with PNP nomination duration for processing

Hi @anon25417004

I have received the ITA with the help of OINP and i will be submitting the application soon. I was wondering what will be the duration for processing the ITA with a Provincial nomination. Will it be longer than an ITA without a state nomination?

I’m guessing Ontario(Any specific region?) is a decent place to get a job in the software industry? I’m a Software tester with 8 years of experience.

My Scores were:
CRS – Human Capital – Age : 94
CRS – Human Capital – Level of Education: 135
CRS – Human Capital – First Official Language Proficiency : 122
CRS – Skill Transferability – Education : 25
CRS – Skill Transferability – Foreign Work Experience : 25
CRS – Additional – Provincial/Territorial Nomination : 600

Your overall points score : 1001

Malcolm Robert.

Congrats on the ITA. No the process will be quite similar you will now have to get your police clearances together and get your medical checkup done. Keep in mind you have to “Accept to continue the application”. From the day of your ITA you have 90 days to get all your documents together and submit the application.

Some of the documents you need.

  • Passports
  • Marriage documents
  • Medical checkup
  • Police clearences
  • Degrees / Diplomas
  • Proof of work (Experience letters, etc)
  • Proof of funds
  • Photos
  • Pay Fees (Credit / Debit Card allowed)

Ontario is the best region to get PNP from since it has Toronto the best place for tech and other jobs in Canada. There is a huge demand for manual testers and test automation engineers here. Your best bet would be to focus on the banks here RBC for starters. On a side note could you do a short writeup on your OINP application process and how long did it take you get it?

Sure… Should I do it on this thread or create a new one?

This thread is fine. I do the thread management manually later I can split it out if needed :slight_smile:

it will be really helpful for people. Also on another note if someone is having CRS score more than 400 and not holding a job offer from ON provinces employer then also that candidate is eligible for OINP?

I do not have any job offer in hand. I was still able to get an invite for OINP. It depends on some other factors.

How long did it take you from submitting OINP to get the Nomination?

I had submitted the OINP application on November 1st week 2017 and got the nomination on Feb 11th this year.

Hello Robert, Could you pls do a writeup on OINP process you followed which would really help?

I am really sorry for the delay in the writeup. Was heldup at work and weekends were hectic as well. So, here goes.

I am from Bangalore, India, and had no idea about the PR process for Canada and was unsure about the different immigration agencies available here. One of my friends suggested an Indian origin lawyer/firm in Canada providing immigration services. So, i sent them some mails, had some skype calls and decided to start the process in October 2016. Finished my IELTS, got an avg score of 8 and got my education certificates approved by WES and officially filed a case under the FSW category on Feb 1st 2017.

My original score was 406. I had no job experience in Canada. But as part of my work experience i had worked in different domains like Banking, CRM, Telecommunications and Supply chain management. I had also traveled to NZ and the US for a brief period (less than 6 months) on work.

Since the law firm in Canada was my representative, all my actions in the application process was through them. They used to send me regular updates on different Nomination progs and what the requirements were for these progs.

On May 6th,2017, i received a mail from them specifying that i had received the OINP NOI and if i was interested had to create a One-Key account(on the OINP portal) and start the application process. The window for submitting applications was very small and i missed the 1st chance of submitting the application. I had created the One-key account but had not started the application process. If you start the appplication process, you have a set period within which you need to submit the application. This window was 45 days i presume. But if the window to receive applications is closed by OINP, then you will not be able to submit the application.

The NOI on the other hand is valid for 6 months. I waited for the next few months, but the window never came again because OINP had reached its limit for applications during that time. My NOI was supposed to lose its validity on Nov 6th. On Nov 3rd 2017, I received a mail late at night India time, that the OINP window was open to accept applications again. The next morning, i immediately went to the bank to get the latest proof of funds statement. All the other required documents were on hand. So, i filled in the application online (through the One-Key account) and paid the fees of 1500CAD and submitted the application.

Meanwhile the law firm also kept track on my Main application because that had been created over a year ago and had to be renewed as well.I did not know about this. But they renewed it when it was about to expire. I used to check the status on the OINP portal and finally got a mail on Feb 11th 2018 about my OINP application being approved and they would be sending the hard copy by courier. And my points jumped to 1001 with 600 points from OINP. The following draw, i received the ITA and have now submitted my application after completing the medical tests and the Police verification. The latest update is that the review process is in progress.

Hope this information is helpful and I am here to answer any questions on the process. I have been following Mov-north since last year and it has been really helpful in understanding what is going on on the other side of the world. I have asked my other friends who are also thinking about moving to Canada to visit Mov-north and read through all the information.


Thanks @malcolmmario thats a great writeup. Congrats on the ITA it’s seems that while ONIP is something you have to stay on top of it’s not a whole lot of extra work in addition to the main application.

Just a question: So the Employment Verification submitted during OINP has to be done AGAIN when the final ITA comes?

Do you mind sharing your current status please ? How long did it take for you after submitting the PCC and Medical to reach Canada ?