Japan Police Verification letter queston

Hello Folks,

We have an ITA and done with biometric in last werk as well. We did submit PCC from india on to the portal so that is fine.

AS my wife lived in Japan for 6+ months, we had to get PCC from there as well. We got that from the Japanese embassy in SF. But that letter is sealed and they strictly told us now to open that otherwise it will become invalidate. How can I submit such a letter online ? Anybody faced similar problem ?

Also What is the phone number to be called from USA if we need to ask them about this question?


You would need to open it, scan it and upload it online. You can raise a CSE and check with CIC to confirm.

This is the page about Japanese PCC -

It does not mention anywhere that the letter cannot be opened. If you followed the steps mentioned on that page, it should be safe for you to open the letter and proceed.

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