Job/Career Consultants for jobs in Canada

Hi Guys,
I am planning to go briefly in India and I am planning to continue by Canadian Tech Job Search from there.
Any of you guys know any job/career consultants who work with overseas candidates and help them land a job in Canada?

Try LinkedIn, that’s what I would do.

A consultant from Canada got in touch with my husband on LinkedIn. His name is Ilya and his id is you can probably catch him on LinkedIn.

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Hey sorry for replying so late,
Can you tell me briefly how did he help out in this process?
Was he useful in getting interviews and did you guys appeared for them from India?


To be honest we did not use his services yet. There is some English test we have to complete as part of the profile completion to seek jobs. Did not do it till date. But ya he constantly sends us mails abt recruitment drives, a group which we can be a part of… Etc etc.

Hey thanks for replying so fast,
You replies have at least given some hope.
so just being curious, were you guys able to land a job in Canada from India or are you still in the process?
We can further our conversation privately if you are fine with that.

No ya we did not start the job search yet… Our PR is in the process… AOR is Nov 2nd. Actually we can start but my husband is not getting the muhurat to complete the English test :slight_smile: to be honest we did not get tht seriousness yet. Once we get the PPR then immediately everything will start automatically. ya can talk separately… this is the link for Nov AOR what’s app group. Not sure if u can join or not bcz it was full a few days back. I am in tht group and there are a few who can help with job search

Hey ,
Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately the group is full.
Although I will keep an eye on it for a few days just in case a place is created.

I have heard of Vanhack. Do checkout their YouTube channels. They have useful videos with hired folks giving their insights. Seems like a legit firm.