Job hunt on H1B + Impact of US/Canada border closure

Currently, I have CRS of 449, earlier I got ITA but dropped it because was in transition to the promotion. No hopes in a new future for ITA with 449. I have submitted the PNP application for Saskatchewan - fingers crossed!!

I have 10 years of software engineering experience from the USA on H1B + Masters from here. I have applied for the Jobs in GTA & Vancouver but the outcome is not that positive. Few questions in mind:

  1. Are companies hesitant to hire foreign talent because of the COVID thing?
  2. Did anyone get the Job offer from here in the USA this year?
  3. If at all it is possible for Canadian firms to give offer since US/Canada border is closed?

Please guide, what should be strategy now to get into Canada with score =449? What all options one has on H1B visa?

Thank you so much!!!