Job market situation? Process to look for jobs?

How is the job market for Automation QA/ software testing in Canada. Any suggestions how to look for jobs from outside Canada without consultant.

It’s easier to hunt for job if you already have PR. If not, best way is through LinkedIn, making connections, etc. Your profile/CV needs to be good enough to give them a reason to reach out to you.

Pretty tough, I’d say. Too many immigrants competing for too few jobs.

It makes more sense to look for jobs once you are in Canada. Regarding the market, QA Automation is in demand. I contacted few local Canadians working as QA Automation engineer through Linkedin and they are saying demand is there and is growing. I asked them about the pay and they said there are aware of salaries in range CAD 80 - 120 K with experience. They all said to contact them after landing in Canada so thats why it makes sense to try once you have landed. Till then you can just research.

In short everyone I know with tech experience (Developers, QA, etc) is happily employed. Companies are also hiring internationally using news fast visa’s that have recently been introduced. There are also quite a few PRs I know who work remotely for companies in the EU and the US.


I think clubbing all “immigrants” into the same group is unfair. You need to differentiate between people who have worked in the US/EU/other developed countries/in challenging tech jobs for many years and really know their stuff, have a good work ethic, and are very comfortable working in the western work environment vs. people who don’t fit into any of these.
I’ve said this before: PR is an objective evaluation of your qualifications/experience, doesn’t actually do a subjective evaluation of your ability to find a job here, whereas job interviews are a subjective evaluation.

If you go on Quora or other forums you read a lot of unfortunate stories of people selling their homes and everything and struggling to find jobs in Canada and then having to return with nothing in hand; they probably thought getting job is as easy as getting PR. Maybe they were duped by their immigration agency in their home country. Maybe they didn’t do the adequate research before they sold everything and moved. Maybe they were just unfortunate that they did not find the right kind of opportunity. Rather than assuming they are the norm rather than the exception, you should provide some data to convince us that that’s the case with majority of educated immigrants who come there. Hearsay suggests “Canada has too many cab drivers with PhDs”. But PhDs in what? from where? what was their work experience, English abilities, ability to work in the tech sector? If it’s not data it’s just anecdotal evidence.

I think most aspiring immigrants on this forum are smart enough that they will probably wait for a good opportunity before quitting everything here and moving there. And I think most people (including me) know that the number of jobs and pay scale is not as much as the US. If the population itself is 1/10th, the number of jobs are probably also 1/10th. The pay scale is more of a cultural thing but I hear it’s improving now. Given a choice, I think most people who have lived and worked in high-paying jobs in the US would never leave everything and move to a different country, but the immigration rhetoric and decades-long wait times for GC are forcing people to consider. Having a PR also enables someone to become a job-creator by starting their own companies, rather than being a “taker”.

It would help if you could describe your own experience in trying to find a job in Canada, and why it was “pretty tough”. I presume you are here on this forum because you are applying for a PR for Canada? Because that’s what this forum is for. My response might sound a bit strong to you and it’s because I read your most recent thread and I think you have a very strong presumption that all immigrants coming into Canada are overloading the system. I would strongly advise keeping a neutral/unbiased position when posting for genuine PR-related questions/answers on this forum.


Thats the best explanation I’ve heard anywhere on the topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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