Job offer dates and Landing date don't line up

I am an Indian citizen and currently work using a H1b visa in the US. I have received my Canadian PR (COPR) and want to hard-land in Canada.

My US employer is planning to internally relocate me to their Canadian branch, however, they are unsure about the exact date in the change in employment, and I am running out of validity period in my COPR.

Is it ok if my date of landing and date of change in employment don’t match up. Is it ok to work for a small window for US after landing in Canada before switching over? Is it ok to start working for Canada before actually landing?

Or should I just terminate employment just to be safe, and look for a new job offer in Canada?

Landing date and employment start date (either working remote for a US company or working in Canada for a Canadian company) are not related. You can land irrespective of your job status.

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I would not recommend quitting your current employment. It is completely fine if you work for a US employer from Canada or for a small time work for the Canadian employer in the US. I had a friend of mine who worked for his Canadian employer while getting ready to move (worked in the US for the Canadian employer for 2 to 3 weeks)

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Thank you !!!