Job offer letter without LMIA

I currently work on H1B in US, and a sister company in Ontario has send me a job offer letter with no LMIA. From my research, it seems I cannot get 50 points as I don’t have LMIA. I really appreciate if anyone can answer this following questions.

  1. If I add offer letter to my express entry profile, is there any chance of getting PNP invitation from Ontario.
  2. Is it a good idea to move there on work permit and wait for a yr to get those extra points?

Not familiar with the PNP process. But moving here on a work permit to work in this job is a fairly good idea to increase points under “Canadian work experience.”

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@erpiht You are correct in your assessment that you won’t get an additional 50 points without an LMIA.
To answer your other 2 questions:

  1. Yes, it increases your chance of getting PNP invite from Ontario (OINP). Happened in my case, though I also had an LMIA.
  2. That’s the alternate route many people take and rely on. So yes, that can help if you intend to get a PR in the long run.
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Moving on a work permit certainly comes across as a good idea. It quickens the whole transition for you and you can spend the time waiting for PR once you are already in Canada.

If acquiring citizenship is your goal, every 2 days you spend on work permit counts as 1 day towards qualifying for citizenship (IIRC). So even if you wait a little longer to get PR while in Canada, time to citizenship from now actually gets accelerated.

That said the possible drawbacks may be:

  • If you want to have the option to return to the US, current employer may or may not be open for it. So you may want to check and be sure about it.
  • your monthly savings rate may or may not take a hit due to the quite often cited high/low cost of living in Canada/US.

If you are exploring how to get a permit, this can help

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Thank you so much for your responses.
Just came to know, my company isn’t going to help me move to Canada other than just giving me an offer letter. So I don’t have option 2. Is there any other option to use this offer letter to my advantage in express entry profile?

Does my offer letter come under “covered by an international agreement like CUSMA or GATS, and non-trade agreements. This can include professionals, traders and investors.”?