Job Opening in HW : ASIC Design & Verification - work permit sponsorship

I know this forum is more for help regarding PR questions. But one issue that some folks have faced is sometimes not enough points to reach the cutoff. I hope this post can help.

So shout out to all ASIC Design Verification Engineers in US willing to make the move up north. I have a few openings in my team for experience ranging from 0-15 years.
We are one of the big GPU companies and hiring aggressively. Will sponsor work permit for deserving candidates.

Connect with me here to take it forward.

Good luck.


Hoping to see posts like this for SW roles :slight_smile:
Been looking for jobs ~6 months.

Any suggestions for job hunt?
Have been applying for roles on LinkedIn, trying to connect to recruiters through it. etc
But I feel like they ignore after looking at my current location (US)
Not much luck on LinkedIn or on the MovNorth job portal.


I think in addition to the supply/demand of jobs w.r.t the kind of specialization you have, following may help:

  • Get a text now number for Canada.
  • Apply as a local candidate.
  • Mention in cover letter or in resume that you are PR already.



Glad to see this post. I was hoping to get into ASIC Design (with just FPGA experience) long back but switched into S/W development :slight_smile: .

I’ll refer this post to anyone looking for such roles in Canada :+1:

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I run the MOV North hire platform. Companies on our platform are mostly looking for senior backend engineering roles and data science. Also since I interact with a lot of companies what I’ve seen is that companies want to hire locally first even the US companies that are setting up eng offices want to tap into the local Canadian talent pool first before looking outwards. As for Canadian startups, they are cost-conscious and are satisfied with entry-level engineers. The situation is changing though the talent market is getting tight which is pushing the salaries higher and companies’ openness to hiring internationally.
I’ve just added Wish (SF based), they are looking for senior backend engineer for Toronto office. If you match you’ll be notified to apply. Also happy to take a look at your MOV North profile, feel free to DM me.

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Thank you @ntn @usa2can @deepac!
I guess I didn’t have much luck on the platform since I am not a senior engineer (am at ~SDE2) and have more focus on FE than BE.

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