Job opportunities for Electrical Engineers

Hi Everyone,

What are the job prospects of electrical engineer with master’s degree in power Electronics from USA and 5 years of experience in chip designing?


Hi @ankitawagh25,
There are companies in Toronto like AMD, huawei, Synopsys and Rambus. Some others are in Ottawa. There is cadence in Motreal and some startups in vancouver. I think you should be able to find a job provided are you willing to compromise on salary and designation. you may have to start from a position lower.
I am not sure about power electronics though but my guess is there should be some opportunities. In my personal experience RTL, verification and physical design are more popular. In case you want to switch or are flexible, i think you have more options. Sadly, there is not much information out there for chip designers. The semiconductor industry in canada is smaller because canada’s population is ~10% that of US. But you can still pursue what you want. Hope it helps!

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