Job prospects for folks with around 2 years of experience in different domains


Hi All,
First of all, this is a great community. I am currently working on OPT (Expiring July 2019) in a Bay Area as QA Test Automation engineer (Web App automation testing) since May 2017. Prior to that I interned for almost a year(as part of OPT from July 2016 ) in Web Development.My H1b didnt get picked this year and I have already started process of applying through Express Entry(IELTS is on Aug 2nd) as I am interested in making Canada my future home. My concern is how difficult would it be to get a job as I dont have much work experience in one domain for 2 years. WIll Global Skills Strategy employers even consider my resume? Please give your insights. Also my employer has agreed to let me work remotely if I wish to immigrate to Canada. But I feel it would be better to have a job at hand which will expedite CRS score to a great extent. Thank you.


any idea folks? :slightly_smiling_face:


You will have to look for a job using the regular channels: linkedin, job portals, making new acquaintances etc, how you would do in the US.

And apply for PR in parallel. You’re more likely to get the PR first then the job because you have a PR, rather than the other way round.

Have you looked at Are you new to this forum? READ ME FIRST! 🙂


Thanks for your reply Anshul. Yes I did read it after signing up but somehow missed Introduce Yourself section. I will make an intro right away. Thanks for the link.