Job Roles comparison with US

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Anyone who has moved from US. Did you find job roles in Canada to be more skewed towards support roles than software development roles, or is the ratio similar to that in US? I keep hearing comments about how companies like Amazon, Microsoft etc just maintain support roles in Canada, and bulk of development work is in US.

Any regrets about moving from US? in terms of job roles or otherwise.


That’s not necessarily true. With software, what you can get done there, you can also get done here. Really depends on company and roles. The comments you heard may be a limited sample.


It may be true in majority of cases, as companies have recently started to move core work from US to Canada and that too in very limited/restricted domains. It also depends on a specific division (may be formed as a result of an earlier acquisition) being based entirely in Canada, so that may get all the core work done in Canada, while support may be in US/Asia.
Every company would have its own history of why would they open in Canada, and depends on their growth plan. At the end if the day, if someone is really good, and the company sees a business reason of moving work to Canada, there is no reason not to do it.


Another point I would like to add is the exchange rate. Whatever software development you can get done in the US, you can get done here in 75% of the cost (in pure dollar numbers), provided you have the skill set. Many companies are now moving their core development operations in Canada because of the exchange rate, as well as the fact that talent from US is trickling to Canada.

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As everyone said it depends on company to company. Irrespective of that don’t compare USA to Canada . It is a smaller cousin . Keep that in mind before moving.

But yes you still can get quality roles here but they will be limited compared to USA. As everyone said its a growing market so it will be better in future.

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Tech scene in Canada has changed significantly in the past couple of years. Since the introduction of fast work visa and the talent crunch in the valley, a lot of companies are setting up engineering hubs here. If you look at the list of Silicon Valley Companies with engineering in Canada you’ll see key engineering roles Silicon Valley Companies with Engineering in Canada. For instance, Coursera’s Toronto engineering office is to build enterprise products and Amazon is hiring engineers for their ads platform in Toronto


Thank you all for your replies!
How is the salary situation compared with US? is it true that salaries in the major tech hubs like Toronto/Vancouver/Waterloo are woefully low, but improving recently (ignoring the conversion rate)? If comparing for Big N tech companies/FAANG.