Job search in canada


I have read on a couple of blogs that it is quite hard to get a job in Toronto is it true??
Also which is a good technology to learn to have better chances of finding a job??


It’s very similar to getting a job in US. Imagine if you’ve never been to US, have no work visa or green card, but are trying to apply from a different country for jobs in the US. That’s why it’s difficult for most people to get job before getting PR and/or moving there. The interview process is also similar.


For those who are currently working in the US, considering moving to Canada, and would want to prioritize securing a tech job in Canada, what are your thoughts about applying while in the US and flying to Canada for interviews vs. moving to Canada first followed by looking for jobs? Pros and cons?


That’s normal. You do have to time it correctly because if you get the offer you are usually expected to report within a month or so.