Just joined PhD - Should I update PR application?


I have joined PhD a week before I submitted my PR application on 14th Jan.
I did not mention this in the application as I just joined. Also, I am working on CPT while studying.

So, do I have to update this information as a status change?


Since you cannot claim points for an unfinished degree, and you (presumably) haven’t claimed for the CPT, it’s not necessary. In general, if you have cleared the ITA cutoff and submitted all documents till that point accurately, then things like changing job, getting higher education does not affect your application/CRS score.

Getting married, having a child, losing a job offer that had increased your points etc can affect your CRS score/change your circumstances, and those should be notified using the web form.

Congrats on joining Ph.D. Which univ?

Thanks @avj for your response!