Kicks and giggles: Who have done longest road trip to Canada?

Just for kicks and giggles, who have done the longest road trip to Canada for settlement/relocation? Mine will be 29 hours - and super excited about it :slight_smile:

Sounds exciting! From where to where? (If you don’t mind saying it)

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I drove from the Atlantic to the Pacific from NJ to BC. I would probably not do it again at-least not in the winters and not as fast as I did it.

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Its from midwest (Indiana) to edmonton

Yes during winters, its kind of not so exciting. I will be moving around May end. Did you move during winters? Thanks

Mine was 29 hours too but from Austin to Ottawa.

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Yeah, I moved mid November. So early winters, most of the trip was fairly smooth except for the last stretch across the Canadian rockies. It starts snowing there much earlier in the mountains than you’d expect.

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Wow that’s a long trip (40+ hours)! Looks like a nice route if you have the extra time to take it slow.
How many days would you have planned it for if you were to do it again?

Thinking of driving Toronto → Vancouver. Would it say its worth it in Summer/Fall?

I think it’d be spectacular in the Summer. I was in a rush to get there so I completed the trip in 5 days but if you do this in 2 weeks it’s going to be awesome.

There are so many charming little small towns on the way, you also get to see all of the great lakes. Superior is a sight to behold, with rugged mountains and roads on it’s shorelines. Honestly it takes almost 2 days to just cross Ontario starting from Toronto. Another delight was that in most of these small towns, I found Vegan options/Indian food and I honestly didn’t expect that at all.

Once you get into Manitoba, then from there on till the Alberta-BC border it’s a really easy drive on some of the flattest roads I’ve travelled on. There’s not that much to see in the praries apart from the fields. The only thing of note that I remember is that there’s a place which is the center of Canada. It has a couple of gigantic Canadian flags erected.

There’s obviously so much to do in the Rockies, breathtaking roads and scenery again, you can easily spend a week exploring them.

I didn’t have winter tires on my car because we never needed those in NJ and for most of the trip it was fine. But the mountain passes with snowy roads were treacherous and there was more than one occasion where the car slid, there was almost no traffic and during a certain segment, I drove on the wrong side of the highway for 10 KMs or so before even realizing that I was on the wrong side (it was the only lane that was plowed and the rest of the road wasn’t even discernable). That part I would never want to go through again.

So yeah, I’d definitely want to do a Cross Canada road trip again in the future, once my child grows up and most definitely in the summer.

The reason I had to rush the trip was because my wife and child had flown from ON to BC along with my mother, and my father and I did the road trip. Since my wife didn’t get her PR card after the soft landing we had to cross the border by road and the day trip from NJ to ON with a small child was totally not fun.


That was a memorable experience! :astonished:

We did Los Angeles to Vancouver last November

  • Drove along the coast entire California
  • Detour to see crater Lake in Oregon.
  • Took HWY 5 all the way to Seattle
  • And then to Vancouver

We spent 4 days exploring the coasts of California, a day at Crater lake and a night t Seattle. Source to Destination in 6 days. Our favorite location was Big Sur, the beaches there are the best we have seen so far(not counting Florida)

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We are looking forward to doing the same in reverse. Big Sur used to be our fav hiking spot

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