Land Border Experience

Could someone provide their experience while reentering Canada via a land border after a soft landing.
Specifically how does one bring stuff like clothes ,jewelry,electronics,furniture etc while going by car if reentering for second time.(If first landing was done by air and the settlers items/goods to follow list was not given)?
Could someone also share experiences when it comes to applying for provincial insurance (OHIP) during COVID and which private insurance provider to use when applying for initial stay.
Looking forward to your comments this forum has been a blessing

From my experience in late 2018 (don’t know if things have changed since), if first landing was done without submitting the goods to follow list then you cannot submit it again.
However, you can still claim the goods you are bringing are worth less than 10,000 CAD and its up to discretion of the officer to if they can allow you in without extra taxes.


Thanks for sharing your experience