Landing During COVID

Has anyone landed from the US in the past few months. If so can you please detail your landing and post landing experience. I am particularly interested in knowing the following

(1) What documents are needed for landing ?
(2) What category of travel did you choose in ArriveCan ? (Others ?)
(3) How do you get your PR card after landing
(4) Did you apply for your SIN online; If so how long did that take , etc. ?

Thanks a lot !

I believe most of your questions have been answered here.

Thanks a lot for pointing me to the post. While it does answer my question about documents to be carried, I think the person did a soft landing by road. I am still interested in learning about the full experience of someone that has done a hard landing preferably via flight. Thanks again !

In reality there is no such thing as a soft landing from an immigration perspective.

There’s just the process of being admitted as a landed immigrant, i.e. permanent resident. The documentary evidence requirements of landing are the same.